Nathalie Casthely

In theater, Nathalie would be the Stage Manager. In government, the Chief of Staff. In the military, the Executive Officer (XO). Described as “pleasantly persistent”, Nathalie works tirelessly to advance the project and the client’s goals. Once a strategy and plan have been determined, her mission is to oversee its successful execution. Her work often requires her to coordinate the activities of government representatives, specialists and experts. Over the years, Nathalie has worked with ambassadors, generals, boxers, concert pianists, playwrights and high level executives at Fortune 500 companies.

Nathalie holds a BFA from New York University and an MBA in Media Management from the Metropolitan College of New York. She also speaks French and Spanish.

“Nathalie Casthely’s humor and intelligence were invaluable: She corrected biographical details and managed to find anyone I needed within a day.”

-Marianne Legato, author of Why Men Die First: How to Lengthen Your Lifespan



“…and Nathalie Casthely, friend and acting first sergeant.”

-Col. Jack Jacobs (Ret.), author of If Not Now, When?: Duty and Sacrifice in America’s Time of Need


Wishes Fulfilled



At screening of Wishes Fulfilled with Megan Tarter and Karin Glaizer of Cinema Events, LLC

"Her talents, dedication and her charm are a real asset to KKP."

-Fred Tarter, Chairman of Cinema Events, LLC


Nathalie is a producer and writer for the award winning radio show Frankly Speaking about Cancer.

Nathalie is also the President of the Parent Association at St. Gregory the Great School.

Frankly Speaking about Cancer

Danny Jacobs- The Miracle Man

Dog Detectives